Which are the Top Paying Affiliate Programs to Make it Big?

The Best affiliates Programmes-Make Big Money

Chances are you already know that marketing affiliate products is a proven way to earn an income, either part-time or full time.And you’re in all probability sold on the assumption that passive income is the perfect model of a source of income, as it will require little day-to-day administrations. But what are the best affiliate programmes to endorse?

Online Poker-

Some of the poker sites will dish out a couple of hundred dollars for each individual sign-up for their poker sites. Men and women that register for poker sites could possibly spend several thousand dollars at a given internet casino, so its possible to see exactly why this can be particularly beneficial for internet marketers and casinos alike. Poker sites can be the best internet programs available on the internet. The flaw is that internet gambling is frowned upon in the United States, so you often have to endorse overseas casinos.

Mortgages -

Loans and mortgages are generally incredibly worthwhile, as the multi-billion euro lending industry clearly proves. You don’t even have to realistically get people to buy home loans and mortgages. All mortgage affiliates programmes are lead-based, which means you just have to get people to fill out an application, and you’ll receive a commission. An excellent affiliate program for mortgages will provide you with marketing materials directly from the lending agency.

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A Right Royal RaveUp!

University or College -

Universities can earn thousands of dollars over several years of training from intending learners looking to obtain their degrees. Whether the university is providing physical classes or web based distance learning, the commission rates with the best affiliate programs for universities can be impressive.

Consolidating debts -

Like mortgages, Consolidation of debts programs are based on leads as opposed to successful Consolidation of loans. As the United States/United Kingdom etc. becomes more overloaded with debt, more people should plan to seek out debt consolidation loans. Assume this to be a area seeing tremendous development in the future.

e-books – or whatever other info products -

Perhaps the most ubiquitous and popular merchandise on the world wide web, the simplest affiliate products for new internet marketers to embark on are ebooks. Because the cost of creating a book is negligible, the commissions on ebooks are usually sky high. The best affiliates programmes may offer you tons of information in their affiliate sections, and it’s generally not very hard to begin promoting these products.

There are a few risks to promoting the best affiliate programs. Number one, there is a whole lot of competition. Since many internet marketers are painfully aware that these are the systems that provide you with the optimum profit potential, many swarm here – including the best of the best, the so called “super affiliates.”

The second drawback with these sectors is relevant to the first. Since there is a whole lot of competition, it can also be not so easy to earn huge sales. Should your advertising costs more due to greater competition, your returns will decrease. This will make it challenging for completely new affiliates to get involved in some of the best affiliate programs.

The ideal suggestion is to start small and don’t get demoralized. You can invariably climb to the highest paying associate programs later, when you’ve perfected the basics. Always remember: there’s definitely room for higher sales


Author: Gary M. Stevens

The Top Paying Affiliate Programs-Make it Big!

Can I use my current website to Sell Affiliate Products?

There was a question on Yahoo Answers which was extremely relevant to this site so I reproduce it here, together with the answer, because I know that you will find it helpful.

Ken asked…

If I sign up at ClickBank to sell affiliate products am I expected to use a new website?  Can I use my current website where I am currently selling my products?

Mike answered:

You can use your current website to sell affiliate products.  You can simply make an extension page on your website as a landing page to just about any other product.  However you must keep it as relevant as you can to the rest of your website.

Otherwise, you could always use free web space like blogger.com, squidoo.com etc.

Email me if you have any questions.

Hope this helped,
Cheers… Mike


How To Leverage Other People’s Time So You Can Grow

By now you’ll be aware of how much work is involved when it comes to making money online. There’s product creation, creating promotional material for your affiliates, ensuring your site is in working order, list-building, getting traffic, link building and so much more.

And with all these important to-do tasks it can be hard at times to focus on getting just ONE simple task done. If you are feeling tired or even a little bit burnt out let me assure you that you’re not alone! There are many marketers out there at the moment that are feeling the same way including myself!

Here’s the thing though, there are basically two ways to do business online. You can try to do everything yourself or you can outsource your activities and leverage the power of other people in your business.

If you decide to go with the second option here you will be making more money in the long term and the reason for this is simple. You are in effect limited to what you can achieve online as an individual but your ability to employ other people and the results that they can achieve for you is unlimited, and that means that the limits to which you can grow your business are unlimited.

When it comes to outsourcing your business though, a lot of people find it difficult to find the right people at the right price that you can partner with to grow your business. Again you have two choices here in that you  can go it alone and see how you get on with the freelancer sites out there or you can take the lead from someone who has outsourced most of their work and knows about the many pitfalls that are involved in this business.

If you have made the decision to outsource your business you will be aware that time is the most valuable commodity that you have online so why waste more time trying to figure out all the pitfalls of outsourcing yourself.

If you want to learn how to start delegating work to other people, free up your time, allow you to focus on more important task – such as building more websites and growing your business then this new video series on  outsourcing is going to help.

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Audio Is A Powerful Business Tool – How To Use It Effectively

Today I want to talk about another element of product creation that can make a serious impact on your sales figures. I’m talking here about the use of sound.

When you are trying to sell to your prospect online the key thing that you will need to do is to engage with them and most people will do this with the use of a website and the copy that is on the site.

This can work fine but if you are going down this road you are leaving out a big opportunity to connect more with your buyer and create more sales. With the use of audio on your website you can change all this and  connect more with your buyer. There are a number of reasons for this.

Sounds that we hear are very powerful and can enter into the subjects mind and control what they do. If you doubt this just look at Paul Mc Kenna or any famous hypnotist and watch how they can control people by  simply talking to them. When you talk to your customers you influence their buying decision more as you will be talking to their sub conscious mind.

People are fundamentally always looking for the easy, less painful option in life and if they can sit back and watch a sales page that has audio they will do this instead of reading through a long sales letter. The  combination of audio and text works best as this will give them something to listen to and to read before they make a buying decision.

The trouble though with learning something new is that it can take time and effort and your schedule is probably pretty full up if you are involved in internet marketing. If you hire out the job to someone else it can  also cost you big time, which you don’t want to do before you have sold any product.

Luckily though there is a solution where you can get the best of both worlds and get top class audio and integrated into your site without programming skills and without spending a fortune by following some simple cut  and paste steps.

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AmazonS3 Plugin

“You’re About To Learn Just How Easy it is To Embed Amazon S3 Hosted Videos on Your WordPress Website…”
This ‘Point & Click’ WP Plugin Makes it Super Fast and Easy to Get Your Videos to Show Up On Your Blog Pages & Posts!”

Have you been avoiding using video for marketing and product creation because of the lack of choices for hosting and embedding video?

It’s no surprise if you have. Many small business owners mistakenly think there are only two options: YouTube, where everything is public and you’re limited to 15 minutes, or self-hosted, where you have total control and a hefty hosting bill to match.

I’m happy to tell you, now there is a better way to use video on your WordPress site without worrying about privacy issues or bandwidth bills.  Use the Amazon S3 plugin, which you can obtain from WordPress plugins.